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Monday, December 19, 2011

Go Ahead and Smile

Smiling is a powerful form of non-verbal communication. Choosing to smile or not while interacting can create a lasting tone for you relationship with others. It can also have an impact on your own psychological and even physical health. The article in the following link, Go Ahead and Smile, discusses further the impact a smile can have on yourself, your environment and those you interact with.

Steve Jobs Speech

In a previous blog post, Giving a Great Speech, I discussed an article from Forbes magazine on how to deliver an effective, engaging speech. In this article it mentions the speech Steve Jobs gave at the Stanford University commencement in 2005. It uses this speech as a benchmark and template for giving a great speech. After having watched the video of this speech I can see why the author chose it as their benchmark and why this one YouTube posting had received more than 6.5 million views. His message one of inspiration and greatness. But beyond that his illustration of this message through his three stories was extremely effective. He didn’t try to complicate anything and his demeanour seemed very approachable. Through this he was able to connect with his audience, making them much more open to his message.
Speech video:

Giving a Great Speech

I came across this following article after a wedding I attended in September. The groom’s father was nervous about giving a speech and said that he read this article, as well as dozens of others, prior to writing his. His speech was quite effective, entertaining and engaging. I thought it was interesting how the same basic principles could be applied in a casual social situation, such as a wedding, and in a professional business situation.

Grooming and Manners

This blog posts builds on a previous one, Verbal Communication. The video discusses the importance of manners and grooming in the work place. It discusses the impact these things can have on the way others view you and what you are conveying to other through your manners and grooming. This is particularly important in terms of first impressions.

Verbal Communication

The following link is to a great video about effective verbal communication within the workplace. It makes a few good points including manners being important, using ‘I’ language and the importance of not just expressing yourself clearly but being sure that you are listening effectively.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Video Resumes

This semester I am also taking Recruitment & Selection. A topic of discussion that was brought up in one of the class forums is video resumes. The following link is to a you tube video that brought about this discussion.
In my opinion this is not the best form for communicating your experience and qualifications for most job positions and most companies. A resume of this type is likely best left to positions in the arts or visual design.

Blackberry Outage

On October 10, 2011 the Blackberry Network experienced outages in Europe, Africa and the Middle East by October 12, 2011 these outages were global having reached North America and Asia. Do to this network outage Blackberry users were unable to browse the internet or receive emails or instant messages on their mobile devices.
Being a Blackberry user I felt the effects of this outage and the frustration it caused. However as I use my Blackberry for mainly personal use the hardship was minimal.
For business however this outage could be quite damaging. Many companies worldwide use Blackberries as their main form of communication with and between employees and clients. Dealing with an outage of this kind, that lasted days, would have meant a lot of missed and miscommunication. This could potentially be costly for companies. Losing this ease of communication on-the-go, that Blackberries offer, also means a decrease in employee efficiency and productivity. This also would be costly for companies.